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Guard Force Security Management

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RSM has developed an entire security management team and guard force management program which allows both security and non-security professionals alike to understand how an effective Security Team and supportive guard force, or guard force contract, should be managed. This program addresses the 3 core areas of:

  1. Guard Force Management: Defining the principles, mechanisms and standards against which a Security Team and supportive guard force should be structured and managed, and against specific standards it should be held accountable.


  1. Guard Force Emergency Management: Defining how the Security Team and guard force should prepare for, and react to, a crisis event.


  1. Guard Force Instructions: Tactical level instructions and information on roles and responsibilities, standards, and operational tasks associated with security services.

The course meets the needs for senior leaders, managers and the guard force staff to develop useful and applicable knowledge and skills in the conduct either performing security duties, or ensuring that the standards and methodologies for security services are defined, implemented, monitored and enforced. The course allows components to be used against specific roles, activities and needs – providing selective training as needed.

This training is aligned to a number of relevant ISO standards, including 31000 for risk management, 22317 for business impact analysis, 22310 for business continuity management, 27001 for information security management, 22320 for emergency management, 34001 for security and resiliency, and 18788 for management systems for private security operations.