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NOTE* The language filter to the left identifies both fully translated courses as well as subtitles. The “language” in the course title indicates the original course language. For example, if you select “French” as a filter and a course with “English” in the title appears, it indicates an English course with French subtitles. If a course with “French” appears, it indicates a full French translation.

RSM offers micro-learning solutions through a mini-brief program. Organizations have the operation of selecting some or all programs to offer scheduled and just-in-time training to staff, in multiple languages. The following provides very succinct mini-safety and security level briefings for individuals so as to elevate knowledge and skills within a 9-15min window of learning.

Mini-Brief Program: This micro-learning program includes 30 modules in 10-15min segments on key areas of safety and security. Organizations can select a new language each year, and can also request two topics to be created based against common needs annually. Every new language and module selected by other organizations will also be offered at no cost.